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  • AMCD Meets with Kyle Lyebyodyev on Ukraine

    AMCD Meets with Kyle Lyebyodyev on Ukraine

    March 15, 2022 On March 11, 2022, AMCD members met with Kyle Lyebyodyev who is an ethnic Russian born and raised in Ukraine. His father was in the Russian military and stationed in Ukraine before the fall of the Soviet Union. Mr. Lyebyodyev said he never experienced any discrimination or repression as a native Russian […]

  • AMCD Meets with Valeriy Goloborodko, Honorary Consul of Ukraine for Washington and Oregon States

    AMCD Meets with Valeriy Goloborodko, Honorary Consul of Ukraine for Washington and Oregon States

    March 8, 2022 On March 3, 2022, members of the American Mideast Coalition for Democracy met with Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Valeriy Goloborodko who briefed the group on the latest news coming from inside Ukraine. He believes the Russian army, whose conscripts were not expecting the fierce resistance they have encountered, is demoralized. Ukrainians, on […]

  • AMCD urges Congress to reject Iran’s Insistence that Congress commit to Iran Deal Before it is Negotiated

    February 16, 2022 Iran is urging US Congress to issue a “political statement” that Washington will stay committed to a possible agreement in Vienna talks to restore the 2015 nuclear deal, which would bind the US to an agreement that has not yet been negotiated. “This sounds like another Iranian ploy to play for time […]

  • Walid Phares on the EU’s failures dealing with Jihadism (in French)

  • John Soloman interviews Walid Phares on Ukraine

    AMCD advisor Walid Phares gives an enlightening interview regarding Ukraine and US-Russia relations. Watch here.

  • AMCD Meets with Former Hostage Pastor Saeed Abedini 

    AMCD Meets with Former Hostage Pastor Saeed Abedini 

    On February 3, 2022, members of AMCD met with American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini on zoom. Pastor Abedini was born into the Muslim religion. His father was a member of the shah’s imperial guard and was quite secular, but his mother was a strongly religious Muslim. Pastor Abedini began his life following his mother’s lead and […]

  • July – September 2021

    July In mid-July, AMCD issued a press release blasting the Biden Administration for waving sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. This administration seems intent on helping the mullahs achieve their nuclear aims. AMCD finds this unconscionable. On July 8, AMCD members met with Derek Chartrand, who is running for the Republican nomination to defeat Congresswoman Suzan Delbene in Washington […]

  • April – June 2021

    We apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out. With the current disaster playing out in Afghanistan, we vow to redouble our efforts to make policy-makers listen to those with real experience in the Middle East. God bless our troops and God bless our great country! April We began the month by sounding the alarm […]

  • January – March 2021

    January Our members supported President Trump in his struggle to expose the fraud which seems to have swept Joe Biden into the White House. Immediately upon taking office, President Biden began to reverse Trump’s successful policies in many areas, and most importantly for our members, on Middle East policy. The World Evangelical Alliance came out […]

  • October – December 2020

    October We began the month of October with great hope for President Trump’s re-election. Our advisor, Walid Phares published an important book entitled, The Choice, detailing the difference between the Trump administration’s successful foreign policy and the failed Obama policies likely to be revived under Biden. The book was immediately hailed by the Middle Eastern community. We discovered that […]