October-December 2022


We began out full-throated support for what became the “Women, Life, Freedom” in Iran with a demonstration in Seattle and a zoom conference with our members.  We urged all the countries of the Middle East to reject clerical rule and called specifically for the overthrow of the regime in Iran.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States is pushing a suit against the one General in the region actively fighting the jihadis in Libya, Khalifa Haftar. They even claimed he had been convicted of “war crimes,” which was untrue and the judge in the case confirmed it.

AMCD advisor, Dr. Walid Phares, called for all the nations of the world to support the brave Iranian women of Iran.

Turning to Afghanistan, friend of AMCD Tera Dahl, urged the Biden administration to reverse course and support of the resistance to the Taliban. The Biden administration is sending aid directly to the Taliban instead.

Another rally against the Iran regime occurred in Olympia Washington, to influence lawmakers there.

Dr. Walid Phares noted that Iran had resumed its longstanding practice of hostage-taking. It now appears that the Biden administration is prepared to pay for their release just as Obama did.

AMCD regional director, Manda Zand Erwin, strenuously objected to the appointment of the Iran regime to the board of the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women for another four-year term.


Tera Dahl interviewed the leader of the resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan. These brave fighters have been abandoned and forgotten by the Biden administration yet fight bravely on against the suffocating tyranny we unleashed in Afghanistan after our ill-judged and hasty withdrawal.

Another demonstration against the Iran regime was held in Seattle.

AMCD issued a press release condemning the mass arrests and executions in Iran.


AMCD wrote an open letter to the Port authority in Seattle urging them to suspend Qatar Airways due to Qatar’s continued support of the barbaric regime in Iran.

Another demonstration in Seattle against the tyrannical Iranian regime.

AMCD wrote an open letter to UN Secretary General Guterres condemning the killing of an Irish peacekeeper in Lebanon and calling for the implementation of UN resolution 1559 to disband and disarm the Iranian proxy Hezbollah.

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